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Tips for a living a century; Celebrate with Marge Swenson

It is not so unusual to see an Oak Ridger live to be 100 (more or less disproving the glow in the dark with radiation theory). What is super extraordinary about one Oak Ridger who is about to do so — on Tuesday, March 8 — is that she continues to live in her modified “B” house, goes out for a walk almost every day in the neighborhood (only requiring a walker for the last couple of years), prepares her own meals, and converses with family and friends with the wit and intelligence of a 20-year-old.

Marge Swenson

Meet Marjorie “Marge” Swenson. Her sharp mind, quick smile and joyful attitude is the envy of almost everyone who knows her. This article is meant to celebrate Marge’s century on this planet and share her insights into her own longevity. Mostly, she said, it is how she grew up.

Born in Pipestone, Minnesota in 1922 to Eugene and Alice Clark, Marge grew up on a farm. She learned early the value of families spending quality time with one another while also working hard to get through difficult times. She had an older brother, Larry, who was born with medical issues, so she grew up helping to care for him as one of her primary tasks. She later cared for her husband’s mother and aunt and her own children. She then helped neighbors in need, worked for home health (mostly with senior adults), and then for her brother again, later in life. Finally, Marge cared intensively for her husband toward the end of his life. She said she believes that connecting with people and treating them well is vital to a person’s well-being. Keeping children in your life also helps to keep you young.

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