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Team finds way to boost nutritional quality of rapeseed cake for broiler nutrition

Broiler diets incorporating enzymatically fermented RSC (ER) showed better ileal digestibility of phosphorous, according to a paper in the journal, Animal Feed Science and Technology​​​.

A team of German and Polish poultry nutrition specialists, including Dr Jurgen Zentek from the Institute for Animal Nutrition, Freie Universität Berlin, carried out a study to investigate the effect of partial replacement of soybean meal (SBM) with untreated or fermented rapeseed cakes on growth performance and nutrient digestibility in broilers.

“Despite promising nutritional effects of fermentation of plant materials with enzymes, there is little information available assessing the effects on nutritional quality of rapeseed by-products as well as on performance and nutrientibility in broilers,” they reported.


The poultry feed sector is facing increasing pressure to be both economically and environmentally sustainable, and, as such, one area of ​​heightened interest for all actors in the poultry supply chain is how to use protein sources in feed in a resource efficient way, noted the authors.

Soybean production has been linked with deforestation and the conversion of areas of natural vegetation in regions of high biodiversity, and, as such, EU regulators and other stakeholders are looking to decrease EU dependence on soybean imports and instead exploit local protein sources, they continued .

Among local alternatives for SBM are refined rapeseed products, they reported, with the EU being one of leading global rapeseed growing regions, globally.


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