Crowds line train stations in Germany and Poland to welcome Ukrainian refugees into their homes

Lara received a call in the middle of the night on Saturday and headed straight to Berlin’s main train station. There she was met by a woman and her two teenage sons who had fled the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “Right now they are staying at our place,” Lara, who preferred to only use her … Read more

The Ukrainian Exodus at the Polish Border

On Tuesday morning, in the waiting area of ​​the Przemysl railway station, Kateryna Popko, a nineteen-year-old Ukrainian medical student, sat with her mother, Tatiana. The station is a few miles inside the Polish border with Ukraine, and the ticket hall was crowded with refugees from the conflict. Some slip on bags, and others fed their … Read more

One man’s mission to rescue his family and help others – POLITICO

Press play to listen to this article KRYVYI RIH, Ukraine — Vladislav Guristrimba woke up Thursday in his house in Zoloche, an upscale bedroom community of Kyiv, to explosions: terrifying flashes of light seconds later by thunderous booms as a barrage of Russian missiles hit targets near the Ukrainian capital’s main airport , Boryspil. By … Read more

Canadian-Ukrainian stuck in the city’s suburbs, dodging war

He has a bag packed with clothing and travel documents. The car is parked in the driveway with a full tank of gas and a few days’ worth of food, in case they need to get out fast. In a quaint suburb on the outskirts of Kyiv — the storied city at the heart of … Read more

Ukrainian men traveling from across the world to join the fight against Russian invaders

Walking through the Doha airport in the early hours of the morning, Andrii Zadorozhnyi is wrapped in a Ukrainian flag and is desperate to get home. Andrii works for the United Nations in Nepal and once he crosses into Ukraine, he won’t be allowed to leave again. But his new mission is deeply personal and, … Read more