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Employers need to reach out for mental health issues

Every company has one of those bubbly, “can-do” workers, full of vision and enthusiasm. Through most of his career, Chris Piedmont embodied this to a T — that is, until the spring of 2020. “I became standoffish,” said the 30-year-old Brooklyn resident. Not only was it the early, traumatic days of the COVID-19 pandemic, but … Read more

These are the worst frozen foods for your health, experts say

Many of us head first to the frozen foods aisle when we go grocery shopping. Could this common practice be sabotaging our health? Like most things on the nutrition front, it depends. “When it comes to frozen foods, several nutrients are of major concern for heart health; salt, sugar and unhealthy fats,” said registered dietitian … Read more

Travel Trends for 2022 | Barron’s

Due to the global shutdown and a litany of travel restrictions, tourism crumbled in 2020, which came in as the worst year on record according to the World Tourism Organization. But with myriad international borders opening in 2021 travel is now on a rebound. Although airline, hotel, and tour bookings have seen an uptick in … Read more

Go Ahead, Seniors, Book Your Vacation. But Expect the Unexpected Thanks to Covid

After two years of disrupted travel plans amid the coronavirus pandemic, the fading of the Omicron variant has many older Americans eager to return to the roads and skies in coming months. There’s no guarantee, however, that another variant won’t upend plans or lead vulnerable people to rethink their travels. The good news is the … Read more

The Great American Road Trip Can Now Be a Super Luxe Experience

The Great American road trip is back. Yoal Desurmont, Unsplash Text size The great American road trip is a rite of passage, and due to the pandemic, it’s perhaps more in vogue than it’s been in decades. While most people associate road trips with outdated roadside motels, however, it’s easy to transform such an excursion … Read more