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US health care systems reduce costs, improve patient experience by delivering integrative care

US health care systems and clinics report reducing costs, improving patient experience and health, while enhancing clinician wellbeing by delivering integrative care, according to a new white paper published by The Family Medicine Education Consortium and Samueli Foundation. The Case for Delivering Whole-Person Health Care details how shifting treatment practices to a whole-person approach that … Read more

Replacing Newcomb’s physician assistant won’t be easy as Adirondacks face health care challenges

Mar 09, 2022 — Rural places like the North Country are struggling desperately to find doctors, nurses, and other people to fill health care jobs. That’s especially true in smaller, more isolated communities like the mountain towns of the Adirondacks. The new issue of the Adirondack Explorer looks at the challenges of health care inside … Read more

Clinical decision support system may help improve cardiovascular health in patients with severe mental illness

In a new study, researchers demonstrated that they can significantly lower cardiovascular risk for patients with severe mental illness (SMI) by using a clinical decision support system that prompts doctors to provide individualized informational handouts about a patient’s cardiovascular risk and recommendations treatment. The findings suggest the use of clinical decision support systems to prompt … Read more

Healthy heart, healthy you: Nutrition tips for American Heart Month – News

Nutrition plays a role in building a resilient heart to battle against disease and can be done through small changes, like reducing sodium intake and excess saturated fats. Written by: Jessica JerniganMedia contact: Adam Pope February is a time when we keep matters of the heart close. Between American Heart Month and Valentine’s Day, it … Read more

Don’t Dam The Telehealth Flood

“Several pieces of legislation are pending that would permanently loosen restrictions on telehealth … [+] and ensure that healthcare providers are paid adequately for providing virtual care,” writes Sally Pipes. getty To say that Americans are anxiously awaiting the end of the COVID-19 pandemic would be an understatement. But for patients who have enjoyed the … Read more

The pandemic’s toll on children’s mental health

CNN — The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating death around the world, causing millions of and leading to many more people becoming severely ill and losing loved ones. It also has led to many mental health impacts, including on children and adolescents. Examining the impact on children in 11 countries, a January study in … Read more

Pets can boost your brain power, National Institute of Health says

Having a long-term pet companion may delay memory loss and other kinds of cognitive decline, a new study has found. Pet ownership was especially beneficial for working verbal memory, such as memory of word lists, according to the preliminary research. “To our knowledge, our study is the first to consider the effect of duration of … Read more

New analysis highlights the changes in the US health care workforce during COVID-19 pandemic

A new analysis from Indiana University, the nonprofit Rand Corp. And the University of Michigan highlights the changes in the US health care workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic and found that the average wages for US health care workers rose less than wages in other industries during 2020 and the first six months of 2021. … Read more

Health care firms were pushed to confront terrorism. Now some are investing in Black startups.

Marcus Whitney stands out in Nashville’s $95 billion health care sector as an investor in startups. In addition to co-founding a venture capital firm, he’s organized an annual health tech conference and co-founded the city’s professional soccer club. And, often, he’s the only Black man in the room. So in summer 2020, as Black Lives … Read more

Researchers emphasize on health-focused rather than a weight-focused approach to treating obesity

It’s one of the most polarizing questions among clinicians: Is treating obesity while also reducing weight stigma and eating risk disorder mutually exclusive? In a recent commentary published online ahead of print in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dieteticsa team of researchers takes aim at what they say is an outdated approach … Read more