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FUEL Wellness + Nutrition | Zero Proofing It Through the Alcohol Free For 40 Challenge

The 7th annual #AlcoholFreeFor40 challenge starts today, with the goal of going 40 days alcohol free, tracking certain labs and physical metrics pre- and post-challenge making it your own self experiment to truly see the impact of giving up alcohol, inside and out. But simply because a drink is “zero proof” doesn’t mean it’s necessarily … Read more

FUELED Wellness + Nutrition with Molly | 2022 #AlcoholFreeFor40 Challenge

Parades and parties, friends and family, king cake and cocktails — celebrating Carnival season in Louisiana can feel magical, but the rolling revelry can also take a toll on our health. So, perfect timing, the seventh annual Alcohol Free for 40 Challenge kicks off on Ash Wednesday, March 2. The Eat Fit team makes it … Read more