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Healthy eating, good nutrition brings Tupelo women together | Food

BELDEN – Julie Gibens and Amy Womack met more than 30 years ago when both were students at Mississippi State University, but they didn’t really know each other. The two became close friends a few years ago through their children and now have bonded over food – specifically healthy food. “I used to think Amy … Read more

Fond memories of family trips to Blowing Rock | Blogs

The most recent edition of Our State magazine features an exceptional article on The Blowing Rock and the town of Blowing Rock, North Carolina. It turns out, the old outcropping is over a billion years old, and there is, of course, the folklore relative to the Native American couple, who met at the rock, the … Read more

Prairie Fare: Refresh your eyes with wintertime nutrition | Columnists

“Look at all this snirt!” my husband exclaimed. Our deep snowbanks were covered with dirt (“snirt”), thanks to the strong winds. “I’m so tired of winter,” I replied. He glanced in my direction. I read his mind. “That’s an understatement,” he was thinking. As we drove on that windy day, our world looked like a … Read more

Romi Londre: National nutrition month 2022 | Recipes

March is National Nutrition Month. This year’s theme is “Celebrate a World of Flavors” which “embraces global cultures, cuisines and inclusion, plus showcases the expertise of registered dietitian nutritionists.” Per the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The first National Nutrition Week was celebrated in 1973 and was extended to National Nutrition Month in 1980. From … Read more

Healthy and on-the-go at Beckley Blend | Money

Frequently, those out and about and limited on time have little choice than to make a quick stop at a fast food restaurant when in search of a bite to eat. That’s why Brandie Campbell recently opened Beckley Blend, a nutrition club located in the Beckley Crossing Shopping Center. “Everywhere there’s a fast food restaurant, … Read more