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Long, stressful and exhausting: One family’s escape from Kyiv

This article contains audio elements. Press the play button to hear the family in their own words. Now, it was a reality. This is the story of their escape from Kyiv. At first, Yana thought her husband was mistaken. The loud boom couldn’t be an attack. “(She) told me, don’t worry, let’s sleep,” Sergii said. … Read more

Ukrainians in US consider taking advantage of new status

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Iryna Volvach traveled from Ukraine to California on a tour package with a friend and decided to stay for a few months. When Russia invaded Ukraine, leaving her stuck in the US, she worried about her children and grandchildren back home. As Volvach, 62, tearfully told The Associated Press this week … Read more

Crowds line train stations in Germany and Poland to welcome Ukrainian refugees into their homes

Lara received a call in the middle of the night on Saturday and headed straight to Berlin’s main train station. There she was met by a woman and her two teenage sons who had fled the Russian invasion of Ukraine. “Right now they are staying at our place,” Lara, who preferred to only use her … Read more

In Ukraine under attack, American hopes for daughter’s visa

LOS ANGELES (AP) — When her daughter was diagnosed with cancer, Tetiana Shatokhina didn’t hesitate to make the trip back to Ukraine to help her recover from surgery and care for her 14-year-old grandson. But the 75-year-old disabled American citizen found herself trapped alongside her family in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city, targeted by nightly shelling … Read more

Ukraine’s Roma refugees recount discrimination en route to safety | Russia-Ukraine war news

Chisinau, Moldova – Concentric lines trace the indoor running track at the Manej Sport Arena in Moldova’s capital Chisinau. Athletes used to compete and train here. Now, the track is home to some 800 Roma people who fled from Ukraine after the Russian invasion. Cristina, 41, is one of them. She lost everything she owned … Read more

‘Scared to stay’: Why some rushed to leave Russia after war | Russia-Ukraine war news

Days after Russia sent troops into neighbors Ukraine, triggering anti-war protests that have resulted in thousands of arrests and prompting public figures to speak out against the invasion, rumours began spreading that President Vladimir Putin was planning to impose martial law. Such a measure would potentially give the authorities emergency powers, shut down the borders … Read more

Poland Under Pressure as Over 1 Million Refugees Flee Ukraine

Medika — As the train from Lviv limps across the Polish border, children peer from the windows, their curiosity undimmed by the horrors they have left behind. Beside them, crammed tightly into the carriages, their mothers and grandparents sit bewildered, terrified and exhausted. As the trains pulls into Przemyśl, teams of Polish guards and volunteers … Read more

Russia invades Ukraine and Vladimir Putin news

The Synagogue in Uman where congregants say the Jewish community has dwindled from around 600 people to less than 60. (Rebecca Wright/CNN) As air raid sirens blared in the small Ukrainian city of Uman, about 125 miles south of the capital Kyiv, families crowded into a makeshift bomb shelter underneath a central synagogue. Before Russia … Read more

New sanctions on Russian oligarchs coming from Biden administration as soon as Thursday

CNN — The Biden administration is planning to impose new sanctions on Russian oligarchs and members of their families as soon as Thursday, sources familiar with the matter said, his latest attempt to squeeze President Vladimir Putin as the invasion of Ukraine advances. The sanctions are expected to loosely follow a list of oligarchs sanctioned … Read more

Fleeing Russia’s advancing troops means some Ukrainians are leaving husbands, sons and brothers behind

The terminal, one of the most historic Art Nouveau structures in Europe, is now a waypoint for those displaced by war, attempting to put hundreds of miles between themselves and an invading Russia, while edging closer to NATO’s front line. That the historic cultural hub could become a target for Moscow was unthinkable for many … Read more