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Nordstrom Has Spoken: These 3 New York-Approved Trends Will Be So Big This Fall

March is almost upon us, which means two things: the beginning of spring and the end of fashion month. And while many of our fabulous Who What Wear readers may be beginning to think about spring fashion—which trends to trywhich strappy sandals to buy, and what spring dress will become their go-to. In the fashion … Read more

16 Self-Care Items Black Creatives Can’t Live Without

Follow: @maya_rene How do you feel most confident? What are a few things you like to do to boost your self-confidence if you aren’t feeling 100%? I rely heavily on my Christian faith, so even when I’m not feeling the most confident, I have to remind myself of what the word says about myself and … Read more

The 23 Best Products to Get the Most From Your Beauty Sleep

Overall, you want to wake up at the exact same time every single day. Apparently, that’s a more important factor for keeping your circadian rhythm in line than going to bed at the same time every day. Breus recommends using a sleep tracker, like the Oura Ring—which he says is the most accurate one on … Read more

Prediction: These Under-$50 Trendy Buys Will Sell Out Before You Know It

Shopping for the latest trends can be tricky. Considering their staying power is so unpredictable, most of the time I’m hard-pressed to pull the trigger on anything too pricey. That’s not to say that I haven’t been coveting everything Y2K- and ’90-inspired that’s coming down the runway. Bold hues graphic prints, and chunky platforms? Sign … Read more

Reviewed: Droplette Is Safer and Better Than Injectables

The Droplette actually started out as a needle-free device made to help battle epidermolysis bullosa, which is a pediatric skin disease that causes blistering after even the mildest trauma. I’m no scientist, but there’s some seriously impressive physics behind it—enough so that both NASA and the National Institutes of Health have given the brand funding. … Read more