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Tachinardi named chief health digital officer

Tachinardi has been a leader in the biomedical informatics field for nearly 40 years. He spent 20 of those years building electronic health record systems for health care systems in his native Brazil. “It is clear that both the College of Medicine and UC Health are entering the phase of defining new digital futures and … Read more

Poverty and Public Health

Posted on March 3, 2022 Thomas Becnel Dr. Martha Arrieta, director of research for the USA Center for Healthy Communities, said the center’s work to reduce poverty and health disparities has proved difficult, though rewarding. “When I was younger, I hoped things could change much faster, but I’m still hopeful,” she said. The University of … Read more

Ohio State student podcast aims to educate listeners on health care inequities

BREACH, Buckeyes Racial Equity Awareness Centered in Healthcare, is a new podcast dedicated to informing people about health care inequities. Credit: Courtesy of Ayush Mehta and Alexander Abreo Alexander Abreo, a second-year in neuroscience, was working in a biomedical science research lab over the summer when came to believe there wasn’t enough information on health … Read more