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Sports nutrition can look forward to bright future, event presenters agree

The event returned this year as an in-person meeting at the Hyatt Regency Resort in Mission Bay in San Diego, CA. This same event at the same venue in 2020 was the last in person event William Reed conducted as a live event as the world went into a series of pandemic-related lockdowns. And this year’s event, which concluded on Wednesday, was the first in person event company wide as William Reed resumes the events end of its business.

CBD session kicks off event

The event kicked off with a series of presentations on CBD, an ingredient that is seeing demand tick back up again as consumers’ myopic focus on immune health products starts to fade. The market had seen some tumult even before the pandemic, with a large oversupply developing on the raw material side. That has been paired with significant overcapacity on the extraction end.

While that ingredient implies some future hurt for the market, the underlying fundamentals of the look strong, according to the presenters in San Diego. Dr Hector Lopez, MD, of the Center for Applied Health Sciences laid out the case for the science backing the ingredient. Much more needs to be done, but Lopez told the audience that good evidence exists for the effects of CBD and hemp extracts on sleep, mood and measures of recovery, all of which could figure into a sports nutrition product positioning.

Other presenters, including Steve Hoffman of Compass Natural Marketing, Tim Hitchman, PhD, of CV Sciences and Tyler Dautrich of MoreBetter filled in other pieces of the CBD picture. Those included the powerful marketing push CBD products are getting from celebrity endorsers and investors, the specific benefits consumers are seeking in these products and more.


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