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Save Gas: Vacation Near the Upstate

Need a change of scenery but want to stay under an hour and a half drive from Greenville, SC? With the increase in gas prices and other financial stresses, staying closer to home seems like a better idea every day so we’ve pulled together some great options for you right here. Plan your spring or summer vacation near Upstate, SC.

12 Vacations Less Than 1.5 Hours From the Upstate

Greenville, South Carolina has got to be one of the most perfectly situated towns in the country. You can drive two hours in any direction and be in the rolling hills, on a sandy mountain beach, or in some cute, little town eating ice cream and waxing nostalgic about cream soda. Now with rise in gas prices, it has become a non-negotiable for many families in the Upstate to stay closer to home when considering a getaway.

We can help you out. Every place we list is no further than two hours’ drive from Greenville. We’ll give you as many budget-friendly things to do as possible whether you want to stay for a week or a few days to help you stretch your dollar further and still have a great time.

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Best Vacations Within 1.5 Hours’ Drive of the Upstate

Vacation in GreenvilleSC

We’re starting right here in Greenville because, really, there is just so much to do and you don’t need to spend hardly any gas money to get there.

Where to stay: You can choose a vacation rental through StayGVL (we have a promo code!) or a hotel downtown, where you’ll have access to lots of cool things to do within walking distance.

What to do:

  • Take a walk or bike ride on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, get coffee and stecca from the Swamp Rabbit Cafe while the kids play in the enclosed playground.
  • Stroll through Falls Park and be a tourist, eat lunch or dinner at Passerelle Bistro overlooking Falls Park.
  • Play at Cleveland Park.
  • Go to the Greenville Zoo
  • Walk through the Children’s Garden
  • Admire art at the Greenville County Museum of Art
  • Find the Mice on Main
  • Do the free First Friday events every first Friday of the month.
  • Need more ideas? Here’s our list of fun things to do in Greenville, SC.

Distance from Greenville: 0 hours

Vacation in Easley, SC

Easley flies under the radar a lot of the time but there’s a lot to do there and it’s the gateway to the mountains, which yield even more fun activities for families.

Where to stay:

  • Stay in a tiny house at the Saluda Outdoor Center on the Saluda River and eat dinner at 13 Stripes Lodge right on site. During the summer months, this is a great base for your tubing and SUP adventures.
  • Or stay in this remodeled two-bedroom home right near downtown Easley.
River view from Saluda Tiny home.
River view from a Tiny House rental at the Saluda Outdoor Center

What to do:

  • Hit the Doodle Trail, a 8.5 mile paved bike trail that runs through the town. There are some great train-themed playgrounds along the trail.
  • Go for a short hike through Nalley Brown Nature Park.
  • Tube the Saluda River during summer time.
  • Get ice cream in downtown Easley and don’t miss eating lunch or dinner at Tropical Burger. Best. Burgers. Ever.
  • There’s also a Papi’s Tacos location in Easley.
  • More things to do: Guide to Easley, SC
  • Visit a park: Parks in Easley, SC

Distance from Greenville: 15 minutes

Vacation in Pickens, SC

Now we’re really heading out to the more mountainous areas of the Upstate but you won’t only find trails to hit here. There’s a tea company to tour, a working grist mill, and ancient petroglyphs to discover.

Where to stay:

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