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Reviewed: Droplette Is Safer and Better Than Injectables

The Droplette actually started out as a needle-free device made to help battle epidermolysis bullosa, which is a pediatric skin disease that causes blistering after even the mildest trauma. I’m no scientist, but there’s some seriously impressive physics behind it—enough so that both NASA and the National Institutes of Health have given the brand funding.

Here’s what makes Droplette different: It helps your skin absorb topical ingredients sans needles. Essentially, Droplette turns skincare ingredients into a super-fine mist that has particles 10,000 times smaller than other misters, so they easily penetrate the skin.

Unfortunately, you can’t use Droplette with your favorite serum, but it does have three different formulations that you can choose between depending on your skin’s needs. There are collagen capsules, retinol capsules, and glycolic acid capsules—all of which are clinical-strength and approved by dermatologists. Each capsule is also water-based, so it helps your skin absorb 50% more water than a topical cream, which means that even when you use a high-powered active like retinol or glycolic acid, it’ll still leave your skin plump and hydrated.

The collagen capsules contain 10% collagen, which helps plump and firm your skin. They also contain peptides and vitamin C, and the result is the kind of lifted, firm skin that you might expect after a round of injectables. The 0.15% percent retinol capsule helps smooth wrinkles, and it’s blended with arbutin, rose oil, and collagen, so it won’t irritate your skin like traditional retinol products tend to do. And the glycolic acid capsules are kind of like a professional-grade at-home chemical peel—AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs are mixed with niacinamide to help reveal smooth, radiant skin.

Of course, this all sounds amazing, but being me, I was worried that the device may not be the most intuitive. Remember, I’m kind of lazy, so I know that if a skincare device is difficult to use or requires a ton of steps, there’s an above-average chance that it’ll start collecting dust on my vanity. But luckily for me, the Droplette doesn’t have a learning curve at all.

The Droplette comes with a charging stand that also doubles as device storage, and to use any of the capsules, you just open the door and pop them into the chamber, making sure to line up the ridges. Once the capsule is in, you can close the chamber door and press the button on the side of the device to start misting. It really is as easy as that—the device will guide you through three 15-second intervals, and then you can press the button again and use the excess mist on your hands and décolletage.


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