‘No longer a pipedream…’ Geltor completes commercial-scale manufacturing run of PrimaColl ‘animal-free’ vegan collagen for food and nutrition market

“Thecommercial availability of PrimaColl ​[produced in partnership with Arxada, formerly Lonza] signals that it’s no longer a pipe dream, but a reality, that consumers can expect to see bio-designed ingredients on shelves in their favorite products,” Said Geltor​​ CEO and co-founder, Alex Lorestani.

“This is a really big deal,” ​he told FoodNavigator-USA. “We started selling in the market in 2019, when we did around 10,000 liters of fermentation. In 2020, we started serving more customers and did about 100,000 liters, and then last year, we did millions of liters.

“We still have a long way to go, as the collagen market is hundreds of kilotons of product. But we’ve demonstrated we can run a process at full scale. Now, we’ve got to scale this out to multiple facilities, so we can serve customers and hit the volumes they’re really looking for.”

He added: “The growth in the collagen market has completely blown me away; We’ve got big CPG companies coming to us and saying, Hey, we need to get animal collagen out of our products and we have launched on dates X, Y, and Z. Can you help us?”

Type 21 collagen too scarce to obtain from the traditional process of isolating collagen from animal skin and bones’

Distinct from plant-based collagen ‘builder’ or ‘booster’ formulations, PrimaColl is a nature-identical match to the bioactive amino acid core of Type 21 poultry collagen, says Geltor, which deploys synthetic biology to engineer microbes such as E. Coli to Produce collagen (which is traditionally extracted from animal skin, bones, and connective tissue) via a fermentation process.


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