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March 3 – Piano House Nutrition offers healthy options and music | Health Care

Sarah Sheets saw an untapped market and decided to jump on it — healthy fast food.

“I’ve always been looking for places that sell healthier options,” Sheets said. “Something that’s not fried food but more healthy, plant-based proteins that are actually good for you and you can take your kids, so you don’t have to worry about what they get.”

Piano House Nutrition had its grand opening Feb. 19 and is located at 1202 W. Main St. in Fort Wayne.

Not only are healthy foods available, but they also cater to food sensitivities.

The name also informs those who would like to patronize this establishment that pianos are involved. Sheets explained that part of the business.

“We actually have pianos here because we wanted it to also be kind of a dry bar experience where two Friday nights a month, the second and fourth Friday nights, we will actually have live music in here,” Sheets said. “You can come in and instead of sloshing away you can drink your beverages and enjoy the night without having to worry about the crowd.”

She emphasized that it is a kid-friendly and family-friendly atmosphere where people can enjoy a night out without having to worry about the “drinking scene.”

As for what is on the drink menu, Sheets said they offer items such as herbal teas, loaded beverages, aloe-infused water refreshers, shakes, smoothies, coffee and more.

Sheets explained what loaded beverages are.

“Those are just different drinks that we use to add different supplements and boosters. That way it tastes delicious, but it’s also good for your body,” Sheets said. “We have things like collagen boosters, electrolyte boosters, probiotic boosters, all different types of healthier boosters. So that way, you get something good in your cup and it tastes amazing.”

For coffee sweeteners, she said they use stevia instead of more sugary options.

Food is served there also. People will be able to find oatmeal bowls, loaded waffles, parfaits, soups, waffle toast and more.

“It’s a plant-based soup,” Sheets said. “It tastes like chicken vegetable soup, but it’s in a sipper cup. We call it our Sip a Soup. We make our own waffle toast in-house. We will grill you up a nice healthy waffle to go with your soup.”

While some might be apprehensive about this kind of menu, she assured that everything tastes great.

“We’re very different, but I’m telling you, everything is amazing,” Sheets said.

Sheets said they make their own house salads with homemade dressing. In those salads, people can find fresh mixed greens, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds and more.

Pricing varies from what people want to order, but Sheets said that the range is anywhere from $1 to $14.

“Our cheapest thing we have is little protein bites that are $1,” Sheets said. “But our average drinks range from $6 to $14. You get a whole meal in a cup. We call it our kitchen sink, it’s our one $14 drink, we have everything in it.”

She compared the pricing to those at drive-thru restaurants. With one cup, she said, you get a whole meal. Sizes range from children’s sizes to large.

“We’re a little higher-end, but I think we’re still competitive with pricing,” Sheets said.

Piano House Nutrition is hiring and looking for people who would like to play piano during their amateur and open mic nights.

“We’re always looking for people who want to come play and sing and join in,” Sheets said.

For those interested in contacting her about these opportunities, contact her at 260-424-1999,, visit the location or reach out on social media. Piano House Nutrition has Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Sheets and her husband, Brett, are the owners of Piano House Nutrition.


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