Key takeaways from Sports & Active Nutrition Summit

CBD is still a hot ticket

The event kicked off with a series of shorter presentations on the science and marketing of CBD, followed by a panel discussion. The news earlier this month that the NFL has awarded $1 million in research funding on cannabinoids for pain management and in neuroprotection in cases of concussion helped invigorate the discussion. The panelists agreed that problems abound in the sector. Oversupply of raw material is a big factor and overcapacity in extraction capabilities is another. Sorting these out will mean there are further shocks in store for the market, but the underlying demand for the ingredients means that brighter days are ahead.

Community is key

SANS 2022 drinks

The word ‘community’ came up again and again in a CEO session featured Doug Katona of American Barbell, Dan Lourenco of Ghost and Denis Neville of CoreFX. The aim of the session was to see how these leaders were able to steer their companies through the worst of the pandemic had to offer. The key that all of them mentioned was having fostered community with their staff, their customers and with the end users of their products. Unlike a ‘circle the wagons’ mentality which is mostly defensive, the pandemic proved to be an opportunity for these companies to proactively build stronger connections throughout these networks. That which does not kill you makes you stronger indeed.

Creatine is still king

Creatine expert Richard Kreider, PhD, of Texas A&M University laid out the latest research on this legacy ingredient. Dr Kreider was there when research on the monohydrate form of the ingredient, which was pioneered in Germany, first started to get going. The ingredient was once thought of as benefiting younger male consumers involved in power sports like bodybuilding or power lifting with few additional benefits, and indeed came to be viewed with suspicion by some sports bodies. Kreider said the molecule has been shown to be involved in so many cellular processes that it should be thought of as a general health and wellness ingredient in addition to its demonstrated musculature effects.


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