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How the Start of Daylight Saving Time May Affect Your Sign

When the clocks “fall back” every November, marking the end of daylight saving time, it serves as a reminder to folks that the colder, shorter days of winter are upon us, and we may be more susceptible to a downward shift in health and mood as a result. The good news is that it’s not November and, in fact, on March 13, we’re set to Start daylight saving time, which will lead to longer days. And according to astrologers, the start of daylight saving time this year may affect your zodiac sign in a particularly auspicious way.

The configuration of the cosmos when daylight saving starts will have all signs thinking about how they can “abandon their ego in favor of a higher purpose,” says astrologer Ryan Marquardt. This energy is powered by the dance that the sun (in dreamy Pisces) is set to have with Neptune, the planet of inspiration during this time. The conjunction pairs the sun’s ego with the big vision of Pisces in its ruling planet of Neptune, which Marquardt adds is about dissolving and transcending. The effect will likely be self-reflection and growth.

This is a good time for self-reflection and growth.

Below, Marquadt and astrologer Monisha Holmes break down how, specifically, the start of daylight saving time may affect each zodiac sign.

How the start of daylight saving may affect each zodiac sign, according to astrologers


More often than not, Aries is “the type of zodiac sign that charges through their day with a high level of vitality,” says Holmes. However, that sun and Neptune conjunction does not exactly signal smooth waters for this sign. “Aries’s sun and Neptune conjunction is happening in the 12th house [of sorrows and hidden life]which is going to be way more sensitive and emotional than they’re used to feeling, ”says Marquardt.

Holmes adds that this change might have self-starting Aries feeling a bit off when it comes to showing up at work and within their community surrounding the start of daylight saving time. But, by getting to sleep a bit early in anticipation of losing an hour of sleep, this fire sign may be able to recoup some of that “off” feeling for themselves.


With the sun-Neptune conjunction in Taurus’ 11th house of community and good fortune, Marquardt suggests bulls identify their best talent and how they might be able to put it to use for public good.

That said, Holmes adds that this earth sign “might be feeling a little disoriented with the time change,” which might lead to a bout of uncharacteristic tardiness. “It’s probably best for [Taurus] to try to leave a little bit early — because by being early, you’re probably going to end up being on time, ”she adds.


Usually a social butterfly, Gemini may channel their energy to future efforts, says Marquardt: “They’re thinking way more in the future than they’re used.”

This is related to the sun’s conjunction with Neptune activating Gemini’s 10th house of career, which may lead Gemini to question whether or not they’s happy in their current professional role. “Gemini is really going to be changing their career trajectory or the ways that they make money,” says Marquardt. “They may be realizing they’ve been selling themselves short in their careers; that they’re capable of something much larger than they’ve let themselves believe. ”


Because the sun and Neptune will be in Cancer’s ninth house of travel, education, and philosophy, Cancer may adjust their moral compass when daylight saving starts. This might involve introspecting on beliefs about the world or questioning your larger understanding of how things work, says Marquardt.

“Cancer [may be] having a bit more of an existential time, but in a way that’s going to feel really good, ”he says. “They’re transcending belief systems and also what they thought was possible, but not with so much focus on career, like Gemini.”


“Leo is ruled by the sun, so any change in time or sunlight is going to impact them the most,” says Marquadt. Because the sun-Neptune conjunction is happening in the eighth house of death, mental health, and other people’s resources, Leo might seriously benefit from seeing the start of daylight saving as a time to rest.

“The moon is going to be in the 12th house, so Leo also has a need to settle down right now,” says Marquardt. “You do not want to be so public and so shiny right now — you’re going to shine in your quiet moments.”


With the sun in Pisces meeting Neptune in Virgo’s seventh house of partnership, Marquardt says this earth sign might be questioning how much of themselves they want to surrender to their romantic partner. Pisces is Virgo’s opposite sign, meaning the former sign works as a mirror of sorts for the latter, says Marquardt. This may mean considering whether your partner is someone you can truly see spending the rest of your life with.

Holmes adds that the start of daylight saving time will also present a good opportunity for Virgo to take care of themselves instead of trying to fix others. “Daylight saving time should be giving them more time to be creative and let their minds soar a little bit.”


Libra’s sixth house of daily routines, work, and health will be activated by the sun-Neptune conjunction at the start of daylight saving time, so this sign “may be feeling like life has been a little mundane and lackluster,” says Marquardt.

With the extra hour of daytime, Libra might start to see the beauty in the mundane — sometimes quite literally stopping and smelling the roses. “You might walk past the same little flower patch every day and pay no mind to it,” says Marquadt. “But now, all of a sudden, Libra stops and looks at these flowers and they’re like, ‘Oh, my God — these are so beautiful. How I’ve never noticed this? ‘”This sign can tap this perspective shift for many other aspects of their life — like friendships and work.


With the sun and Neptune activating psychic Scorpio’s fifth house of sex, children, and creative energy, Marquardt says the start of daylight saving encourages these folks to figure out “what makes you feel special and unique.”

It’s possible the start of daylight saving may draw your sign to visual arts, but it can also help you express creative energy in a sexual sense — since the fifth house also rules that area of ​​life, says Marquardt.


Because freedom-loving Sagittarius’s fourth house of parents, home, and foundations is activated by that sun-Neptune conjunction, the sign might expect to travel a bit less than they’re used to. “Right now, Sagittarius is realizing that there is so much power in investing at their roots and not flying all over the place,” says Marquardt. “Their home life is super ready to be blessed. This could look like a move, a new home, or a renovation. ”

Holmes adds that it’s important to Sagittarius that they’re respected, and the start of daylight saving time can throw off this sign in that regard. To avoid this, Holmes says, it may be a good idea to think about how you manage your time, Sagittarius.


The sun and Neptune will be in your third house of communication, daily rituals, and family at the start of daylight saving time, which can strengthen these areas of your life.

Holmes adds that this time also serves as a reminder that it’s crucial to put yourself first — and sometimes that means asking for help, Capricorn. Marquardt agrees, adding that, “Capricorns do not like to ask for help or delegate responsibilities, but this is a moment where they realize they have a good idea and need help. It’s okay to accept the partnership; it’s okay to ask for help. ”


For Aquarius, the rebel of the zodiac, The sun-Neptune conjunct activates their second house of earned income. “This is a time where Aquarius can come into a potentially miraculous amount of money,” says Marquardt. “It could be an investment payout or a raise.”

This time will also work wonders in unlearning limiting beliefs that Aquarius may subconsciously hold, which makes being intentional all the more important. “Aquarius really needs to put boundaries on their resources at this point in time,” says Marquardt. “Once money starts coming in, put up a container and keep the money in there. Don’t let it slip back out. ”


“Pisces is probably feeling a little weary right now,” says Holmes. “They’re tired, and now they’re losing even more sleep.” As the empath of the zodiac, Pisces loves to help others, but now, the sign needs to be “brave enough to let go of obligations and responsibilities that do not align with their top goals,” Holmes says.

To help you stay on track, Pisces, consider creating a vision board. “Having a vision board is really good for Pisces because it really anchors in all this cosmic energy that they just naturally channel,” says Marquardt. A few quick tips to boost your vision board’s power: figure out what you want, then be as specific as possible when you’re requesting that from the universe.

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