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High Falls pine straw scam, hit and run at Bulldog Nutrition …. | News

Macon passenger goes to jail for distribution of drugs

A 45-year-old Macon man was busted on drug charges around 5 pm on Jan. 27 after Sgt. Kevin Williams saw his black 2021 Ford Escape failing to maintain lane and following too closely. Williams made the stop on the car near Cabaniss Road on I-75 S and saw the two occupants vigorously smoking freshly lit cigarettes with all the windows rolled up.

The driver’s hands were shaking, and his stomach was quivering as he handed Williams his license and the sergeant asked him to step out. Williams asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle while he was writing a citation and the driver hesitated and looked away. He consented to a search but changed his mind and a K9 unit was called.

Deputy Jeff Thompson finished writing the citations while Williams had the passenger exit the vehicle and led K9 Zibi around the Escape for a free air sniff of the exterior and the dog gave an indication of drugs in the car.

The passenger admitted to a bookbag that was found in the passenger’s side floorboard. Inside the bookbag were two sets of digital scales, baggies commonly used in the sales of narcotics, a Ruger LCP .380 handgun, several packages of suspected ecstasy, and a few small packages of marijuana. There was also a very small amount of marijuana in the center console of the vehicle.

He was arrested for distributing marijuana, distributing ecstasy, possession of drug-related objects, and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and taken to the Monroe County Jail. The driver was cited and released.

Harbor Shores Drive pine straw scam thwarted

cpl. Larry Sullivan was dispatched to a home on Harbor Shores Drive in reference to a scam around 6:18 pm on Feb. 10 where the elderly father of the homeowner told him his daughter was overcharged by a crew laying out pine straw and that the four men had left in a white 2004 Dodge Ram. He said they agreed on a price of $4.50 per bale and when they finished, they demanded $870 for laying 188 bales. A BOLO was posted to the surrounding counties. Sullivan noticed that it was clearly not 188 bales worth of pine straw that had been spread and left after he was given photos of the vehicle and suspects.

Shortly afterwards, dispatched advised Lamar County had the vehicle stopped, with 4 individuals detained. Sgt. Chris Sherrell and Sullivan went to Barnesville and spoke with the leader of the group who consented to speak after his rights were read and told deputies they agreed to $4.50 per bale and they laid 180 bales. When asked how much he had been paid, he said he was unsure but that the money was in his and another suspect’s pocket but that some of the money was already theirs. After retrieving and counting $671 in various bills. The four men were released and told not to return to the residence. The $671 was returned to the homeowner.

A woman who hit a vehicle parked in front of Bulldog Nutrition on East Main Street and then drove away was cited by Cpl. Kimberly Barnett on Feb. 11. An employee told Barnett that a customer told her that a woman with purple tinted hair who had just left the store had struck her 2019 Dodge Durango that was parked and unoccupied. There was damage to the Durango’s rear driver’s side tire, rim and to the body just in front of the tire.

Dispatch later said that the person who hit the vehicle had returned to the store and Barnett went back and spoke with the driver’s husband who said that his wife told him she hit a parked vehicle at that location and that he needed to go there. Barnett told him he needed to tell her to return with the car she was driving when she hit the car.

A half an hour later, the woman returned to the store driving a 2016 Honda Civic that had damage to the front passenger side bumper. When asked what happened, she explained when she pulled into a parking spot, she felt a bump, so she backed out and straightened her vehicle. She said she then got out and looked at both vehicles but didn’t see anything, so she went into Bulldog Nutrition, ordered a drink then left the store. Barnett told her she should’ve said something to the employee or the owner of the Dodge while she was waiting for her drink and cited her for hit and run.

Woman has no memory of wrecking her car

A 50-year-old Jonesboro woman was cited for DUI-refusal and failure to maintain lane on Feb. 14 after a dispatch report that the driver of a 2009 Toyota RAV 4 was riding on a flat tire and driving erratically around 1:21 am on I-75 S near Rumble Road.

Monroe County Emergency Services were on the scene when deputy Kirk Seckinger arrived and found the woman behind the steering wheel, semi-conscious, vomiting on herself and not able to answer questions. Bottles of prescribed Prozac and tramadol were found in the front passenger seat in which the pill count was not in line with the days left on the prescription. EMS removed her from the vehicle, placed her on a stretcher and took her to Navicent Hospital and Mid Georgia Towing removed her RAV 4 from the ditch.

At the hospital she told Seckinger she was trying to go to her boyfriend’s house on Lakeshore Drive in Monroe County. The deputy told her she was found 16 miles past where she should’ve exited and that she had wrecked her car, but she had no memory of a collision. She was given a date to appear.

Items worth thousands stolen after contract ends

cpl. Dalton Mosely met with a Forsyth man in the lobby of the sheriff’s office on Feb. 15 around 2:30 pm regarding a theft of several items. The man told Mosely another man had stolen multiple items from his home and was able to provide a detailed list of everything missing which he valued at $25,650.32. He said the man was under a lease to own contract and the items taken were a part of the contract. He claims the man took the items when the contract ended. Mosely spoke with Judge Buck Wilder who said he was aware of the situation and advised the corporal to make a report with an attached list of the stolen items.

Drunk driver removed from interstate

A 2014 Dodge Ram pickup was paced at 88 mph near Bass Road on I-75 N by deputy Hannah Hile around 2:55 am on Feb. 19 and the 23-year-old Macon driver was arrested for DUI and other traffic-related charges. While following the pickup, Hile saw it fail to maintain lane several times while straddling two lanes in the center of the road. The intoxicated man also was following too closely and nearly collided into the rear of another vehicle.

After Hile activated her emergency equipment, the Ram pulled over to the right shoulder and the deputy could smell alcohol as she approached. As she spoke with the driver, she could also smell the strong odor of cologne. He had difficulty taking his driver’s license from his wallet and was unable to provide proof of insurance. He told the representative that the registered owner was his friend, but he only knew him by his first name of “Ryan.” When asked if he had been drinking before driving, he replied that he hadn’t.

Hile asked him to step to the rear of the pickup and he had to use his vehicle for support while walking. Deputy Tyler Rodgers asked him if a sobriety test could be administered to which he agreed but was swaying so much he was unable to stand still. It was determined he was intoxicated and taken to jail where he refused to consent to a blood test.

He was charged with DUI-refusal, speeding, failure to maintain lane, and following too closely. He was also issued an administrative license suspension for refusing to submit to the blood test.

Wanted man charged with distributing marijuana

A man was arrested when the smell of marijuana coming from his black 2018 Chevrolet Malibu prompted Sgt. Kevin Williams to ask him to exit the car after a stop for following too closely just south of Hwy. 18 on I-75 S around 2:08 pm on Feb. 17. The man, 32, from Cobb initially denied there was any weed in the vehicle but then told him that there was around two ounces inside the car. Williams then asked the female passenger to also step out of the car.

A blue bag with was found with around 19 bundles of an unknown substance that was wrapped with duct tape and electrical tape and both suspects were arrested. After reading them their rights, the driver agreed to speak with Williams and told him he borrowed the car from his friend and that he was told to take the bag to the Eastman Walmart and give it to his friend’s girlfriend. After cutting open a few bundles, Williams found tobacco and cellphones within packaging used as a common method to smuggle items into prisons.

In a black bag on the front passenger floorboard were two sets of digital scales, plastic baggies, butane lighter fluid, and approximately six ounces of marijuana that were vacuum sealed in individual bags. There was also a 12 ounce can with a compartment inside of it that contained marijuana.

The driver ownership admitted to the drugs and contraband, agreed to release his car to the female passenger and was placed in a patrol vehicle. While enroute to jail, the driver admitted to give Williams a license that belongs to a friend and after running his true name, deputies learned he had a suspended license and a warrant out of Crisp County for burglary. He was cited for following too closely and driving without a license. Warrants will be seeking against him for distributing marijuana, possession of drug-related objects, and giving false information.

Man sleeping on Dollar General sidewalk busted for drugs

Employees at the Dollar General on Hwy. 87 called the sheriff’s office to report a man wearing a white hoodie and jeans sleeping on the sidewalk around 8:30 pm on Feb. 19 and the 35-year-old Warner Robins man was arrested after giving false information to deputy Cody Maples who also found in him possession of methamphetamine.

Maples saw the man near mile marker 13 carrying a backpack, a duffle bag and several Dollar General bags, pulled over and asked if he needed any help. The man replied he was walking to North Carolina, that he was recently kicked out of hotel room in Macon. He said he was just going to walk to a fire station and ask for a blanket. When Maples asked him what direction he was going he replied he was going to go to the next intersection and head towards Monticello.

Maples noticed the man’s right boot was split and asked him if he needed a ride to the county line. He declined the offer and stated that he was going to find a place off the road and make a camp. He told the representative he had no ID and then gave him a false name and date of birth. After Maples ran the name, the man then gave his correct information, and it was learned he was wanted out of Twiggs County and had several state warrants.

He told Maples that he gave his brother’s name because he knew that he was wanted. He was then told to remove the bags and set them down and was asked if he had any weapons or drugs in his belongings or on his person. He replied that he used to use meth and that there were needles in the duffel bag that he wanted to get rid of properly.

He was then cuffed, searched, and placed in Maples’ patrol vehicle. A search was made on the man’s belongings at the jail a spoon and needles were found covered in a white crystalized substance. Maples will be taking out warrants against the man for possession of methamphetamine, giving false information, and possession of drug-related objects.


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