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Healthy Eating: Sanjeev Kapoor suggests 5 effective ways to maximise nutrition

Nutrition and health go hand-in-hand, but nowadays, a lot of the food ingredients are adulterated. So, it is even more critical for people to find ways to improve nutrition in their bodies. In such a situation, a well-thought-out meal plan can help enhance diet quality and reach personal health goals without spending too much time and money.

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor, a big proponent of healthy eating habits, believes proper nutrition is essential to stay fit and lead a healthy life. “Most of us are tempted to eat easily available and rich scrumptious food, but one should always remember the importance of vegetables, leafy greens and fruits, which provide the nutrition required for the body. When consuming these vegetables and fruits, it is important to ensure that they are completely cleaned, as the fruits and vegetables travel miles before being sold in the local sabzi mandis, retail stores or when delivered at home. The producers/sellers often use chemicals to keep them fresh and prevent rotting. Hence, we must wash them with a natural action product like Nimwash that is known to remove germs, chemicals and pesticides from the surface of fruits and vegetables.”

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor also lists down 5 other ways to maximise nutrition in our day-to-day eating habits:

Meet your daily protein needs: The Indian Market Research Bureau suggests that 80% of Indians are protein deficient. This is a massive problem as protein supports strong muscles and keeps healthy cells, which is essential to keep energy levels up. Consuming up to 25 to 30 grams of protein per meal, combined with physical activity, can help solve this problem. To make your meal protein-rich, you can include chicken, legumes, curd, eggs, or fish. For non-vegetarians, fish is the best source of protein as it also contains many vitamins and minerals like omega-3, which helps prevent heart diseases.

Never wash natural produce after chopping them: Most people are unaware that vegetables and fruits need to be washed before they are chopped. If they are cleaned after they are cut, the water washes away the nutrients along with it. The best way to ensure that fruits and vegetables are safe for consumption is to clean them with a product like Nimwash. ITC’s Nimwash can remove germs and harmful chemical pesticides, which can damage the immune system and leave us susceptible to diseases.

Balance your diet: Balancing each meal is crucial to maximizing the nutrition value. A balanced diet includes foods from five groups: protein, vitamins, carbs, minerals, and fat. While balancing the meal needs a bit of attention and effort as you need to include food from all the groups, eating a balanced meal helps the body function correctly and reduce disease risk.

Hydrate your body: Water makes up 60% of the human body, but lack of fluid even by one or two percent in the body can cause fatigue and cognitive problems. We should ensure that our body is always well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. You can also increase fluid intake in your body by drinking fresh vegetable/fruit juice, or eating fruits like watermelon or grapes that are high in water content. Drinking regular water also removes toxicity and improves nutrient absorption in the body.

Be active and exercise daily: Exercise helps release hormones that enhance your muscles’ ability to absorb essential minerals and vitamins into your body. It also improves blood circulation and provides a massaging effect through the movement of core muscles, thus contributing to corporate health.

Completely overhauling your diet in a short period can be exhausting and even bring your determination down towards healthy eating. So, eat what makes you happy, even junk food at times in moderation, but strive towards simple and small changes suggested above to maximise your body’s nutrition for healthy living.


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