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Health inspectors keep violations at WVU dining halls | WVU News

Inspectors to find health code continue violations in West Virginia University dining halls as officials from the school and dining contractor Sodexo say they are working to improve food safety.

In follow-up inspections after the initial reports, they found over 30 additional violations between Feb. 8-17. Earlier this month, the Daily Athenaeum reported that health inspectors had found dozens of health code violations in the dining halls this academic year.

The inspectors found violations at each of the University’s three major dining facilities where thousands of students eat every day.

Health inspectors classify violations in three categories: priority, priority foundation and core violations.

“WVU Dining Services and Sodexo take the findings of each inspection very seriously and respond to each observation — regardless of criticality — with the same degree of urgency,” Sodexo spokesperson Tiffany Peden said in an email. “However, the majority of immediate violations from recent inspections of our dining halls fall within the core violation or priority foundation violation categories. These categories typically are less critical and do not pose an health hazard or carry a high-risk of causing food-borne illness.”

“In instances where a critical violation is identified, the issue typically is addressed immediately. WVU Dining Services and Sodexo remain vigilant in addressing any safety concerns across our dining locations. We also are committed to operating with transparency, seeking feedback from students and guests and providing the best possible service for our campus community.”

Two Sodexo executives met with the University Board of Governors two weeks ago to discuss the health violations at campus dining facilities.

At the meeting, Sodexo Vice President Carty McCullen said the company hired a food safety supervisor this month and is in the process of hiring a food safety manager, as well as providing additional training for employees.

Sodexo also began a series of discussions a few weeks ago where students can share concerns with the dining hall general managers.

“Student feedback to date has been overwhelmingly positive, and we plan to these events weekly for the remainder of the spring semester,” Peden said.

Health officials conducted an inspection of Hatfields on Feb. 8 after receiving a public complaint a week before. Two of the 10 discovered violations were repeat infractions from an inspection in October 2021, according to publicly available reports from MCHD.

“The storage area wall is leaking a liquid onto the wall surface and ceiling tile,” one inspector observed. “It was found that upstairs at the coffee station that product is leaking coffee onto the floor then being absorbed into the wall to the downstairs storage area.”

Other infractions included cream cheese being stored at room temperature, soiled utensils and food contact surfaces in need of cleaning.

Six of the 10 violations were corrected during the inspection, according to MCHD.

Health officials returned a week later and four violations hadn’t been corrected. Sodexo was instructed to clean and sanitize a deli cart, a cooler with “visible food particles” and a holding unit in the pizza area.

On Feb. 9, inspectors visited Café Evansdale and found that food was being stored next to Sterno chemical fuel, a dishwasher was broken and several pieces of equipment and surfaces were unclean.

“A procedure is needed for timely cleaning of the affected area on a regular basis,” an inspector wrote about the dining hall’s equipment, walls and ventilation system.

Inspectors found several violations at Summit Café that same week, most of which included unclean equipment and surfaces in the dining hall.

In March, the Board extended Sodexo’s contract with WVU until 2033. WVU first began outsourcing food services to the company in 2018.


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