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Dairy’s role in the evolution of active nutrition

Dairy Reporter had the opportunity to get the details from Mike Medina, category marketing director, specialized nutrition, dairy & private label at ADM.

How has the active nutrition space evolution and where is it today?

While sports nutrition for athletes and those who partake in strenuous workouts is not new, the active nutrition space takes a broader approach, welcoming consumers from varying life stages and lifestyles. The active nutrition category has blossomed over the past several years, particularly as more people are looking to improve their holistic well-being, from short-term goals of weight management and mental wellness to long-term proactive steps to healthy aging. In fact, over the last two years, nearly 82% of global consumers looked to improve their overall health, and 52% said they adopted a more long-term approach to health1​.

Further fueled by lifestyle shifts around the pandemic, the everyday consumer is turning into some form of physical activity as a means to bolster how they feel and support their overall well-being. Globally, 41% of consumers state they will engage in more physical activity, and 48% are conscious of their mental well-being due to Covid-192​.

Moreover, 61% of global consumers say they have exercised more in the last two years1​. This opens up the market for new active nutrition consumers seeking convenient, functional foods and beverages to add to their daily routines and help support their current and future wellness goals.

Historically, sports and performance products were driven by consumer aspirations and demands related to physical appearance, strength, performance, recovery or focus. While many of these aspects are still important, the active nutrition space is allowing more inclusive solutions to come forward. For instance, as the general shopper connects the dots between a healthy gut and overall well-being3​, so does the average active consumer nutrition. This category is ripe for new products that move beyond traditional offerings and have ingredients that deliver on appealing functional benefits like digestive and immune function support.


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