Brett Kavanaugh LSAT Score – What Was It? Rumors Are His GPA Was 3.7 At Yale

Brett Kavanaugh’s GPA at Yale College was most likely higher than 3.7, which is considered very strong and above average at Yale. However, Brett’s actual LSAT score and GPA have yet to be revealed.

Kavanaugh was admitted to Yale Law School right after graduating from college because the school only accepts students with extremely high LSAT scores and GPAs. From the start, Kavanaugh was an excellent student, and many of his classmates and teachers described him as studious.

There’s a reason for this, as Brett went on to have the most successful career of any of his classmates. After graduating from Yale Law School, he began his legal career as a law clerk for Judge Ken Starr.

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson came into the gossip for questioning why President Joe Biden didn’t share Judge Kenatji’s LSAT score during his recent State of the Union speech.

The LSAT is the test that is used as one of the qualifying tests for entrance into law school. Tucker’s remarks drew immediate pushback on social media as other tweets quickly approached, noting that he never demanded an LSAT score from Justice Amy Coney Barrett of Justice Kavanaugh.

Meet His Wife & Partner Ashley Estes Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh is happily married to his wife Ashley Estes Kavanaugh. The pair tied their knot in 2004 and since then are sharing a strong bonding with each other.

Ashley is an American public official and former political aid. Ashley was born on November 4, 1974, in Abilene, Texas, United States, and is forty-seven years old as of 2022.

In 1993, she graduated from Abilene Cooper High School, where she was also a member of the Student Council for almost three years and competed in golf for three years.

Ashley then joined the University of Texas at Austin and graduated in 1997 with a Bachelor’s in Journalism.

Brett Kavanaugh Family Details

Brett Kavanaugh was born on February 12, 1965, to his parents Everett Edward Kavanaugh and Martha Kavanaugh. Brett is married to his wife Ashley and has two children together.

His father Everett was a lawyer and served as the president of the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association for around two decades while his mother was a history teacher.

Brett’s daughters’ names are Liza Kavanaugh and Margaret Kavanaugh. Brett is extremely close to his family and has a special bond with his daughters.

More On Brett Kavanaugh: His Educational Background

Brett Kavanaugh was born in Washington, DC, and his parents are both Irish Catholics. He was raised in Bethesda, Maryland, by his parents, and attended Georgetown Preparatory School.

Kavanaugh graduated from Georgetown University in 1993 and went on to Yale, where his paternal grandfather had also graduated. Brett earned a Bachelor of Arts with honors in history from Yale in 1987.

After that, Kavanaugh attended Yale Law School, where he was a member of the Yale Law Journal and served as a note editor in his third year. Brett received his Juris Doctorate from Yale Law in 1990.