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Archive 81: Can Time Travel Help Dan Save His Family?

The Season 1 finale of Archive 81 might have given one of its main characters a second chance in changing their life through time travel.

Netflix’s Archive 81 Its chilling first season ended with a lot of twists and turns, the major one being Dan’s mysterious travel back in time. However, this new development gives the show’s protagonist an unexpected opportunity to completely change the course of his life. While it is still unknown if the series will receive a second season, the conclusion of the Season 1 finale teases what might be in Dan’s future.

Dan Turner is a conservator, who is hired by the mysterious Virgil Davenport to fix some damaged tapes from the 1990s. During the restoration process, Dan watches the story of Melody Pendras, as she unwillingly gets involved with a cult that worships the demonic deity known as Kaelego and wants to use her to perform a ritual that will bring the entity to the mortal plane. Much to Dan’s surprise, it is revealed that Dan’s late father, Dr. Steve Turner, was also featured in the tapes, with Melody being his patient. From that point on, the restoration of the tapes becomes a personal matter for Dan, who is trying to find out the truth about his father’s involvement in Melody’s disappearance. The audience also finds out early on that Steve, along with his wife and daughter, have died in a house fire that left Dan an orphan at a very young age.

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Doctor Steven Turner from Archive 81

By the end of the season, viewers learn that Steve was actually trying to help Melody uncover the mystery behind the cult and that he also tried to keep her safe until her disappearance during the fire at the Visser building. Virgil also reveals to Dan that his family’s death might not have been an accident but instead it might have been caused by the Baldung witches, a coven of witches that are sworn to oppose Kaelego. Of course, with Virgil possibly being an unreliable narrator, since he has hidden several things from Dan since the beginning of the show, viewers, along with Dan, might get a chance to find out what really happened to the Turner family in Season 2. Moreover, Dan’s arrival in 1994, possibly some time before the fire at the Turner household, might also indicate that Dan might try to change his family’s fate.

The fire at Dan’s house always seemed to be mysterious. Dan suspected that something strange might have happened, but his suspicions were only confirmed when he learned about his dad’s involvement in Melody’s story. Initially nudged by Virgil to believe that his father might have been involved with the cult and that he might had set the fire himself, Dan now knows that his father only tried to help Melody. Therefore, with him now being in 1994, it would make sense that Dan would try to investigate what really happened the night of his home burned down, and most importantly try to prevent it.

The show could also allow Dr. Turner to have a much bigger role in Season 2 and possibly interact with his now-adult son. Dan might try to approach his father in order to find more information about his involvement in the case and even get the opportunity to team up with him to investigate the Baldung witches before they are able to cause the Turners’ demise — if Virgil is to be believed. One important detail to note is that Virgil, who was shown to be in New York in 1994, might already be plotting on how to access Kaelego’s plane, which might also be what Dan and Steve might attempt to stop. Regardless of what Dan ends up getting into in 1994, it will definitely be great for fans to see an emotional reunion between father and son.

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