Berlin is an ever-changing feast. The sprawling German capital is home to incredible restaurants (serving cuisines from all over the world), incredible bars, some of the best clubs in the world, cool third-wave coffee shops, world-class museums, an eclectic mix of architectural styles, one of Europe’s most diverse populations, and a real mix of quirky subcultures.

Berlin may not have a millennium-old history like Rome or a mediaeval legacy like Prague, but in the last 100 years, Berlin has been at the heart of practically every important historical event. It is the capital of the twentieth century, with three UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

During the Middle Ages, the city rose to prominence as a major economic centre. Because of its central location in Europe, the area served as a cultural crossroads, assisting Berlin in becoming the cosmopolitan powerhouse that it is today. While much of the city was destroyed during WWII (and around 125,000 people were murdered), the capital was swiftly rebuilt. When the Berlin Wall fell in 1990, the city was once again the unified capital of Germany.

There are a plethora of guided tours available to obtain an up-close and personal look at this Central European metropolis, ranging from walking tours to eating and drinking tours to bicycling and driving about in a Trabant, the kitschy Communist-era automobiles. Walking tours are my favourite method to visit cities since they are led by a native.

Today, I’d like to present some of the greatest tours in Berlin to help you make the most of your stay in this exciting capital.

1. Berlin GuruWalk

GuruWalk spans the entire city of Berlin with up to 40 distinct themed tours. There are walking tours on the Berlin Wall, the Third Reich, the Cold War, the Jewish quarter, alternative Berlin, and the city’s great attractions, among other topics. While the tours are officially free, the guides and firms are hoping for some type of gratuity, so it’s a pay-what-you-want situation.

2. walkative

A Walkative guide is easily identified since they always carry yellow umbrellas, even when it isn’t raining. These 2.5-hour solo and small-group tours take you from the time Berlin was a hamlet to the current day, with a special emphasis on the last 200 years. Guides are eager to provide food and nightlife recommendations. Like many free tours, this one gently demands a tip at the end, as part of a pay-what-you-wish arrangement.

3. original Berlin Tours

Gather at the fountain beside the Park Inn on Alexanderplatz for a free tour of Berlin. These walking tours will guarantee you have access to the guide while you make stops at the Reichstag, the Berliner Dom, Checkpoint Charlie, and different World War II battlegrounds. Each guide determines the itinerary, so you never know where she or he will take you.

4. Different Berlin Tours

This free walking tour is for you if you’ve learned everything there is to know about Hitler and Bismarck and want to avoid the conventional attractions and explore a different side of Berlin. The educational tour guide will regale tour-goers with tales of the 1980s and 1990s squatter culture, the famed techno club scene, the collapse of the Berlin Wall, and punk rock culture. The tours take around three hours and culminate at a riverbank “beach bar” where you may drink a beer with the guide.

Berlin’s Best-Paid Guided Tours

On a lovely summer day in Berlin, Germany, the famed Berliner Dom.

Free tours are an excellent way to learn about Berlin. They’re ideal for backpackers and other low-budget tourists. However, if you want to add more zing and depth to your tour or conduct a more specialised tour, you will need to invest extra euros. Here are the best-paid Berlin tours.

5. Urban Explorations

Intrepid Travel, my favourite travel tour business, has a day-tour division called Urban Adventures. They give a complete view of East Berlin, as well as a culinary and art tour, in addition to their primary historical trip. They utilise local guides and their tours cover a lot of terrains, giving you the impression that you’re learning a lot (their tours last from 3-5 hours). This is perfect if you want something more in-depth than the free walking tours!

Tours start at 65 EUR.

6. Walk and Fork

Do you enjoy walking? Check. Do you enjoy eating? Check. Do you want something to eat? Check again. Stick your fork into Berlin’s thriving culinary scene, then walk it all off. This tour business offers cuisine, street art, and history tours, as well as vegan tours (Berlin is one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world). The “Trends & Classics” tour, on the other hand, will allow you to experience the legendary currywurst, sip some schnapps, drink some local beers, and enjoy German pastries, among other wonderful things.

Tours start at 69 EUR.

7. Fat Tires TOURS

Fat Tire offers tours in most major European towns that are both instructive and entertaining. The Berlin cycling trip is no different. You may take guided bike tours of neighbouring Potsdam, pedal along the Berlin Wall, or take a trip centred on Nazi Germany and WWII. I enjoy the general “Berlin Highlights Bike Tour” to refresh my memory of the city.

Tours start at 28 EUR.

8. Trabi Safari

Tired of walking around the city? Then board a Trabant, or Trabi as they are known in Germany. These little cars were popular in Germany during the Communist period. The automobiles’ bodies were composed of plastic. They are now a sentimental emblem of former East Berlin. And this tour firm provides a Trabi ride through Berlin, where you can visit the sites and learn about the city’s history. The best part is that you get to drive your own Trabi during the tour.

Tours start at 59 EUR.

9. GoArt! Tours 

This firm is for you if you want to explore Berlin through the eyes of art, design, and architecture (and are ready to pay for a personalised tour). GoArt provides tours that take you into artists’ studios or show you some of Berlin’s stunning modern architecture. They also provide fashion-themed tours, allowing you to buy while sightseeing. Their tours are pricey and not for everyone, but if you enjoy fashion and design, they are well worth it.

Tours start at 150 EUR.

10. berliner Unterwelten

These intriguing walking tours will take you underneath. And I’m not just using analogies here. You walk beneath the streets of Berlin, exploring various Cold War and World War II-era bunkers, gawking at the few remnants of Germania, Hitler’s utopian metropolis, and walking through subterranean tunnels used for secret and nefarious purposes, including tunnels dug beneath the Berlin Wall.

Tours start at 15 EUR.

11. Secret Tours

Berlin is full of secrets. This tour business speaks into your ear, revealing the secrets of this Teutonic city. Choose between seeing Teufelsberg, a Cold War-era site for US Army eavesdropping activities on the outskirts of former West Berlin, and Charité, the city’s strange and lovely centuries-old hospital. You may also take a walking tour into the backyards and courtyards of Mitte apartment complexes, something you would not be able to do on your own.

Tours start at 20 EUR.


Walking tours are a great way to learn about Berlin. There’s a lot of history, art, and little neighbourhoods that you won’t be able to see unless you have a local show you around, and walking tours are one of my favourite methods to gain that insider knowledge. I would never leave Berlin without taking a walking tour. Some are specific and will allow you to immerse yourself in the eccentric subcultures that Berlin is famous for!

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