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10 Kid-Friendly London Hotels For Your Next Family Vacation

London has plenty of kid-friendly activities, and these family-friendly hotels are the perfect places to use as a vacation home base.

Family vacation requires careful planning for a fun and memorable experience. Looking for accommodations that could cater to the family will be the first step, and it is particularly hard with kids. However, most of the hotels in London are specially made for comfortable family vacations where kids enjoy as much as adults. Hence, to narrow down the choices for the next family vacation, below is the list of the ten best kid-friendly hotels in London.

10 Athenaeum Hotel And Apartments

This 5-star hotel in Mayfair is perfect for parents who need extra eyes for their kids. They offer concierge services who contact vacationers ahead of their arrival so they can prepare necessary arrangements to entertain the kids. Moreover, the concierge can arrange the itineraries depending on the parents’ liking. Athenaeum is a central spot in London and offers spacious rooms from lounge areas to their rooms where parents can choose the most appropriate size for their kids. Their staff is highly trained in assisting children making them one of the best kid-friendly hotels in the city.

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9 Brown’s Hotel

In Brown’s Hotel, children receive discounts on food and beverages. In fact, children have their own room for dining with a menu specially made just for them. More than this, the hotel boasts complimentary surprises for children of different ages. Babies receive a Brown’s bear while teenagers get to enjoy magazines, X-box, and PlayStation gaming sets. Moreover, spa treatments are also available for kids from facial to nail treatments. Brown’s Hotel is also close to a few parks like The Green Park and St. James that kids would surely love.

8 Chessington Safari Hotel

Some of the most unusual rooms might be found in Chessington Safari Hotel. They have a literal world of adventures inside that are specially made for kids. Chessington World of Adventures is full of rides and entertainment for all ages. This hotel is inspired by the African savanna which features the animals of Wanyama Reserve. Tourists can enjoy their breakfast in jungle-theme dining with a matching view of the animals. This theme park hotel is only 35 minutes away from London’s main, which can be reached via South Western Railway.

7 Le Meridien Piccadilly

Le Meridien Piccadilly offers the best spot for bookworm kids. It has a library filled with children’s books. This hotel can be found in the West End with rooms dedicated to family vacationers. They offer a menu specially made for kids and those who are 12 and under can eat for free. Moreover, their rooms are carefully curated for the little guests and an indoor pool is always open for use. Kids will get occupied in no time in Le Meridien.

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6 Melia White House

Melia White House lets kids learn basic hotel practices like checking in on their own and receiving their own toiletries and complementaries. Kids below 11 years old are free of charge and upon arrival, they are welcome with gifts like candies and toys. Kids and Co by Melia also prepare activities for kids during their entire stay. The rooms in Melia are particularly spacious to entertain bigger families. The hotel is also a walk away from London Zoo and the Regent’s Park which makes it ideal to stay in.

5 Park Plaza

Park Plaza is much like a home away from home. The amenities in this hotel are much similar to the ones at home like a convertible sofa bed, kitchenettes, and area for breakfast. Kids would definitely not have a hard time adjusting to their surroundings. Moreover, they have so many activities for children like board games, spa treatments, and an indoor pool. Booking a room comes in many inclusions as well like free breakfast, vouchers, and gift bags.

4 The Resident Kensington

Extra fees on extra beds for extra people really ruin the budget plans of every vacation. In Resident Kensington, vacationers do not have to worry about extra fees because extra beds are for free. Hence, making it a perfect hotel for bigger families. Rooms in this hotel feature mini kitchens where families could prepare their own meals according to their diet. This makes every parent assure that their kids eat clean and healthy food. It is also close to commuting stations which makes it easy to get around London.

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3 The Ritz London

The Ritz London is one of the most pampering hotels in London for kids. They offer various entertainment and the hotel structure is properly curated to accommodate little guests. Children may enjoy free breakfast and sweet treats, play games and board games, and watch shows on complimentary DVDs. They are of course free of charge if accompanied by adults. Some of the rooms in The Ritz are interconnecting, which can provide private spaces both to parents and their children.

2 The Landmark Hotel

The best thing about this 552sq ft hotel is the spectacular Winter Garden right at the center of the hotel. This is where guests can enjoy breakfast and other meals while enjoying a desert vibe garden. Landmark has a standard room of two double beds for a family of four. This hotel also offers the most fun experience for the kids because of their free complimentary tent where kids could pretend like they are camping inside their rooms. An indoor pool is also available for use exclusively for hotel guests only.

1 The Berkeley

Berkeley is one of the luxurious hotels in London. Located in Knightsbridge, this 7th-floor hotel offers one of the best services for parents and children. It is known for its welcome treats like candies and gummies for toddlers and complimentary coloring books and board games. Each room also has entertainment equipment like TV and DVDs where guests can relaxedly watch. Moreover, the hotel’s restaurant is awarded a Michelin star, hence, guests can expect delicious and perfectly arranged food.

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